Attract great talent through
visual storytelling.

Fact- The days of the written job ad are numbered. Now’s the time to replace the traditional and outdated with new innovation. Voyse enables you to share true insights of your employer brand via visual and engaging Digital Job Descriptions.

K&N DJD in a tablet device, with a traditional paper job spec in the background

Demystifying your job roles

The traditional written job ad is a poor medium for conveying your job roles and company culture. Let your jobs come to life and leave a lasting impression with candidates using a Digital Job Description.

DJDs transposed over traditional JD copy
Musictribe Voyse content on a tablet and phone

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out in a crowded market and tell your story directly to candidates. Reach hard to attract talent by showing them that you're a great place to work, and let them get under the skin of your organisation from their very first engagement.

Leverage and utilise the great content you already have

A lot of organisations find it difficult to find a central home for their employer brand content. VOYSE provides a single, secure destination for the best videos and imagery which really show your business at it's best.

Screenshot of the Voyse video library feature.

Voyse LogoCase Study

Musictribe- one of our B2B customers

Simon Antrobus, Talent Acquisition & HR Digital Transformation Lead at Musictribe


MusicTribe, a global organisation, was struggling to achieve recognition of their core employer brand. This was due to a mix of multiple sub brands and the challenges of recruiting candidates across multiple geographic regions.


"Digital Job Descriptions help us to deliver way more relevant and engaging candidate experiences. We operate globally, with lots of different teams across various regions. Each has its own people and micro-cultures with unique stories to tell. Voyse makes it easy for us to tell these stories to the right people in the right way." says Simon Antrobus.

Simon Antrobus, Talent Acquisition & HR Digital Transformation Lead, Musictribe

Trusted by the world's leading companies passionate about their candidate experience, including:

Logos of Musictribe, Autoglass, Switchee, Bighand and Arrival

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