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Everything you need to make your Employer Brand work at scale.

Voyse is an affordable, lightweight job board plugin for your ATS. Apply customisable templates to hundreds or even thousands of jobs in minutes.

Quick Setup
Pick your templates, connect your ATS and publish your jobs. It’s that simple. No coding required.
Personalised ads
Powerful mapping options allow you to map your jobs to different templates. Create unique experiences based on location, department, brand, and much more.
Social-ready content
Add thumbnail images, meta descriptions and more. Voyse generates social-ready content for you to share.
Video job ads
Record personalised video job specs using platforms like Loom and add them automatically to your job ads.
Custom job listing pages
You don't have to stop at one - create a unique and ringfenced experience for every department, location or brand in your organisation.
Incredible value
Our pricing is based on customisation not job count*, so Voyse is a fraction of the cost of other EB solutions.
Measurable results
Track your performance with our built-in analytics or bring your existing infrastructure. See which jobs are performing best and make data-driven decisions.
Scaleable solutions
Voyse is built to scale with your business. Voyse works for SMEs looking to hire a handful of employees, to global enterprises with thousands of jobs and multiple brand presences.

* Fair usage charges may apply for enterprise accounts with high volume traffic.